Learning to play the piano, according to the conventional concept of most people, takes a lot of time and effort to know how to play the piano. Traditional piano learning requires at least three to five years for learners to summarize methods of combining two hands and become accomplished players. Many beginner learners give up learning after only 3 months because they find it too hard and discouraging because the learning time is too long.

Very few people know that learning to play the piano requires a clear plan and direction together with an appropriate method, by then learning time can be shortened by 5 times. Learning to play the piano is not just about reading and playing the music in a stereotypical way, but it also requires other important skills for players to develop their creativity and use their skills on all music pieces.

Piano Solo Method practically sums up the 12 years’ experience of Boi Ngoc in self-learning and playing the piano. Together with the most practical knowledge, this logical and methodical method of piano learning can help virtually everyone playing the piano for entertainment achieve results more quickly.


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After nearly 4 years of building a Youtube channel which gained great popularity and support among her fans, beginner learners started to seek after me to learn piano after being discouraged from years of learning to play piano without success, from learning at many music centers and tutoring classes with traditional piano teaching method using such books as Method Rose, Hanon, Alfred. Nevertheless, these methods have failed to fulfill their wishes of finding the passion to play, learning the method, how to play and the direction that suits adult piano learner to play the piano with more success in less time.

I can understand deeply the greatest challenges of learning to play a two-handed piano song, that is, the player is completely dependent on the score, not knowing how to combine two hands and do not understand the rules as well as not being able to create freely the melody that one desires. That is the traditional method to learn piano that anyone who learns and plays the piano has to go through. It takes 7 years, 10 years or more for a person to play the piano freely. And this traditional way of learning is not suitable for adult beginners of the piano.

I recall the period when I first started with reading the two-handed piano score, it took me time to move the notes of the Bass Clef as well as read the long music scores with tons of musical notes, it made an adult like me lose patience. Relearning to practice fingers as a five-year-old kid is a way of learning that every adult who takes piano lessons has to go through, and not many of them hold the persistence to continue. Therefore, there must be a different way of learning for adults.

Once, when I was giving piano lessons online to a student living in France (he was over 70 years old), as he was old, his sight reading and practice speed was not as agile as young people. To help him practice faster, I created a way to mark and number on the one-handed music score. And that was the initial idea to develop my self-learn Piano Solo Method.

During the later period, I always had this urge and told myself to create a new piano learning method suitable for adults so elderly people like Mr. Loc can also play the piano easily and quickly.

Shorten the learning and playing time by the appropriate method

With this method, an adult can learn to play the piano five times faster than traditional piano learning, from the minimalism of the essential knowledge needed to play the piano solo. Such knowledge includes music theory in solo piano playing, how to number the rhythm on the music score and how to practice and think when practicing the piano.

I tested this method successfully on the learners in my offline classes, 80% of beginner learners can play one song with two hands after one lesson and within the first week studying with this method,  some people can even play by ear  (without music score) independently in the following two months.

That’s why I want to share my approach to a great number of adults who love the piano so that everyone can easily approach and achieve the accomplishment of playing their favorite songs in little time, aiming at playing the piano without music score and freely expressing their emotions and personalities through playing and composing the melody.

I believe that it is never too late for an adult to self-learn and play the piano successfully. Having the right method and you will be able to do the things you want.


Chapter 1: Becoming A Self-taught Pianist

  • My path to becoming a successful self-taught pianist & its advantages
  • How I created my Piano Solo Method
  • Successful stories of my adult students
  • Three major reasons why most people give up when attempting to learn to play the piano
  • Make it simple and easy
  • Three things to expect when reading this book

Chapter 2: Thoughts You May Have

  • Is it difficult?
  • Does it need any special talents?
  • How long does it take to play on your own?
  • What is the perfect age to learn to play the piano?
  • How will I know when I’m successful?

Chapter 3: Clear Vision & Preparation Needed

  • Four stages of modern piano learning
  • Choose your purpose
  • Choose your music style
  • Choose your goal
  • Choose your piano
  • Preparation needed before getting started

Chapter 4: Practical Music Theory

  • How to read sheet music
  • How to practice rhythm
  • How to remember chords
  • Frequently used symbols
  • Time signature
  • Key signature

Chapter 5: Using Your Right Hand

  • First, listen to the song
  • Learn where to place your hand
  • How to handle your fingers
  • Finger exercises
  • Mindset when practicing
  • Quick notation reading for right hand

Chapter 6: Using Your Left Hand

  • Learn the most frequently used left hand positions
  • Have a look at the key signature
  • Have a look at the time signature
  • Start with the triads
  • Practice moving from chord to chord
  • Practice playing your left hand with pressing the pedal

Chapter 7: Combining Two Hands

  • How to combine two hands with no stress
  • Simplifying sheet music
  • Numbering/coloring your left hand on sheet music
  • How Piano Solo Method works on every song & any type of sheet music

Chapter 8: How To Practice & Get Results Quickly

  • Seven effective ways of practicing to play the piano
  • Take small steps
  • Repeat at least 3 times
  • Close your eyes while playing
  • The key is being comfortable and relaxed

Chapter 9: Guideline For 4 Weeks Piano Solo Method Progress

Chapter 10: Join Me On Your Journey To Piano-Freedom


“I had an opportunity to learn how to play piano for the first time (at the age of 50+) with Boi Ngoc through Skype. I must say her teaching technique is unique. Easy to understand, simple, easy to remember and with little of reading notes. I found she is a talented individual, full of passion, and has great care for her students. Now I’ve learned that paying piano is not when you hit the wrong key, it is how to express yourself when playing.”

Mr. Dai ChauCalifornia (USA)

“This book is a must for anyone just starting to learn how to play the piano. The revolutionary method helps you to learn how to play quickly. It’s especially great for children, who tend to get discouraged using traditional methods. A must-buy for any parent interested in helping their children become interested in music.”

Mr. BabkahSan Jose (USA)

“This is a very effective way of learning the piano so that everyone who starts to learn how to play the piano for entertainment can achieve results quickly”

Mrs. Quyen NguyenDa Lat (Vietnam)

“I like your teaching materials, very clear and easy to understand. Ngoc was extremely helpful, Ngoc knows the difficulties of beginners, how miserable and unguided it will be, Ngoc knows all of this to help people overcome such difficulties, including me. And I want to say: Thank you so many times to Ngoc.”

Mrs. Phuong TranCalifornia (USA)

“Your method is very good, I have just practiced for 2 days of the weekend and I have been able to combine two hands already. Thank you Boi Ngoc very much,  I was not able to find the way to combine two hands before because I just learned to play the piano for a few days, I did not even understand the music theory completely. When I bought your study materials, I was a bit unsure, it was unexpected that after I read and followed the instructions, in just 2 days I can play my favorite song.”

Mrs. Loan HoangHo Chi Minh (Vietnam)

“When I was young, I studied piano, guitar, music theory and Contre point classical harmony, I noticed your methods because your instructions do not pay too much attention to details specifically for professionals. Your instructions are just enough for anyone who wants to learn can understand easily and apply immediately. Then people who want to dig deeper and further have the foundation all ready to continue with their long-term goal. It’s the most popular and most effective way for many people.”

Mr. Dung TranTexas (USA)



Boi Ngoc is known by the nickname “Piano Lady” because she owns the largest number of piano videos and tutorial videos on the Youtube channel in Vietnam. Boi Ngoc started establishing her Youtube Channel in 2011, so far her videos have attracted more than 10 million views and over 50,000 followers within and outside Vietnam.

Born in Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa province in 1992 and graduating from Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh City, Boi Ngoc has started with teaching the piano by chance when she received tens of thousands of requests for a piano tutorial from the fans. After graduation, she decided to focus on researching new methods helping those who learn to play the piano for entertainment to both shorten the time while learning and playing the piano by themselves more easily.

Boi Ngoc set up her startup company in eLearning in 2015 and established Boi Ngoc Piano Co., Ltd ( focusing on online piano learning and application for learning to play piano on mobile devices. She designed her own teaching materials, teaching methods and self-study courses on Piano Accompaniment and Piano Solo to help her students achieve the fastest results in learning and playing the piano successfully.

Boi Ngoc created her own Piano Solo Method in 2016, teaching this method in both her offline and online courses, helping hundreds of her students to play piano with success within 6 weeks.